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Children Jumping on Trampoline

Discover the Transformative Power of Neuromovement®

Movement is Life is a Certified Anat Baniel Method®, NeuroMovement®, and Feldenkrais Method® practice that is dedicated to body and brain health through movement.

Serving the Greater Chicago Area.

Groundbreaking Specializations

For over two decades, I have dedicated myself to help people of all ages discover, or rediscover, options in vital thinking, physical function, and cognitive or neurodevelopment.


Physical setbacks are addressed from a vast array of situations such as: vehicular accidents, job-related or athletic injuries, repetitive motion impairments and personal traumas.

Chronic Conditions

Treatments provided for persistent and nagging problems such as: neck and back pain, joint pain, difficulty walking, balance issues, scoliosis and nerve pain.

Neurological Conditions

Long-term recovery plans are created for clients who have experienced stroke, coma, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, brain surgeries, and more.

Child Development

Specialized treatments are initiated for infants & children diagnosed with developmental issues originating from: premature birth conditions, stroke-in-utero, CP, PVL, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, autism, etc.


With over 20 years of experience, I help clients of all ages change their lives through the remarkable work of NeuroMovement®.

“I highly recommend this method to anyone suffering from discomfort and pain from scoliosis. Thanks to Claire and her easy, gentle lessons needing surgery is no longer a concern.”

Christine - Competitive Equestrian

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